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thursday 8 oct 2020   opening night

8:00 p.m

Followed by
pop-up-receiption at St.-Jakobs-Platz

  N • P   | German Premiere 
  Lisa Spilliaert   BE 2020 | 60 min | stumm, engl.
  Lost in Translation. "N - P" is the title of an untranslatable
  fictional Japanese short story by the real author Banana
  Yashimoto. All those who attempt translation are driven to suicide
  for inexplicable reasons. Four protagonists, including the late
  translator's ex-girlfriend and the mysterious lover of the also
  deceased fictional author, meet in this summery, melancholy
  silent comedy. It is about original and translation, fiction and
  reality, the translatability of mediality. And: Isn't all this somehow
  incestuous? Feature film debut of the Flemish photographer who
  grew up in Japan and Belgium.
  Attending: Lisa Spilliaert, Vincent Stroep (Produzent)
  Analogue Eye Opener
  Eve Heller & Peter Tscherkassky   Artist in Focus

  Her Glacial Speed (Eve Heller)   USA 2001 | 4 min | 16mm
  L'Arrivée (P. Tscherkassky)   AT 1997/98 | 2 min | 35mm
  Analogue experiments in large format. Eve Heller's didactic-free
  found-footage educational film compilation and the first part of
  Peter Tscherkassky's Cinemascope trilogy give a foretaste of the
  lectures of the experimental filmmakers from Vienna and New
  Attending: Eve Heller, Peter Tscherkassky

  Short Eye Opener
  Distance Film | UNDERDOX-Trailer
  Siegfried A. Fruhauf   AT 2020 | 100 Frames | stumm | 35mm
  on HD
  The only 100 analog 35mm single images yield exactly 191
  centimeters: this is one of the recommended distances to which
  we are urged by the corona distance rules.

friday 9 oct 2020  

6:00 p.m. werkstattkino

  Armour   | German Premiere
  Sandro Aguilar   PT/CA 2020 | 45 min | engl., franz. OmeU |
  16mm auf HD
  In Rimouski (Quebec), the mysterious story of the drunken
  Hector, who finds himself on the edge of a festival in medieval 
  armor, unfolds impressionistically and silently as in a photo novel.
  Like a knight of the sad figure, he wanders through the landscape
  in search of his missing girlfriend.

  A Dança do Cipreste   (The Cypress Dance)
  German Premiere

  Mariana Caló & Francisco Queimadela   PT 2020 | 37 min |
  port., engl. OmeU
  The transformations of the body, driven by dreams and longing,
  love and death, in lucid and ghostly variations. An encounter with
  nature, with other beings and elements. Mariana, a woman and
  painter. Loneliness, strangeness, eroticism and violence.
  Projections and symbiotic relationships under the open sky and in
  imaginary places. A sensual portrait.

8:00 p.m.

  Eve Heller: Lecture | Artist in Focus | 16mm 
  Eve Heller (*1961, Massachusetts) films with a 16mm Bolex
  camera, or transforms found footage of various origins with the
  optical printer, completely restructuring it in the cut-up process.
  She always focuses on the special quality of the analog film
  material - the emulsion, the grain of the image, the optical
  soundtrack. Her films seem like poetic-cinematographic haikus,
  each one with its own unique style: from elegiac to impetuous,
  from lyrical to surreal.
  Attending: Eve Heller

8:00 p.m. werkstattkino

   The Magic Mountain   | German

  Eitan Efrat, Daniel Mann   BE 2020 | 68 min | dt., poln., engl.
  Hidden, underground worlds in the magic mountain. Whether
  radon gas, magnetic force fields or rock beads: tunnels, quarries
  and caves at three locations in Austria, Switzerland and Poland
  bear witness to the insatiable desire to wrest the earth's natural
  resources from the earth and to recognize, experience and feel
  the world.

9:30 p.m. werkstattkino  

  VHYES   | German Premiere
  Jack Henry Robbins  
USA 2019 | 72 min | engl. OV | VHS auf
  Bizarre retro-comedy, shot on VHS. The 12-year-old Ralph puts
  together a mixed videotape from 1980s TV shows. In doing so, he
  accidentally overwrites the wedding video of his parents. Home
  shopping clips, soft porn and other devastating programs of TV
  history form a nostalgic wave of loneliness that mercilessly resists
  what is actually intended to be a wholesome family project.

saturday 10 oct 2020

6:00 p.m. werkstattkino

  Pain, Vengeance?   (Bread, Revenge?)       
  Stefan Hayn  
DE 2019 | 76 min | French OV German ST
  Filmed reading, conjured up past. A historical-political essay on
  dealing with German guilt, based on texts by the French
  resistance fighter Robert Antelme. In 1944 Antelme was sent to  
  the Buchenwald concentration camp, where he experienced the
  full extent of dehumanization. The result was the book "Das
  Menschengeschlecht" (1947), one of the earliest testimonies of
  Nazi crimes. 
  Attending: Stefan Hayn

  Topographie de la déraison   (Topographie des Irreseins)
  Claire Angelini  
FR 2020 | 31 min | French OV English ST
  Jean-François Rameau, nephew of the famous French musician,
  returns to the psychiatric hospital of Armentières, where he was
  interned more than 250 years ago, to take us on a journey
  through the space-time of the "great internment" (le Grand
  Attending: Claire Angelini

8:00 p.m.

  Peter Tscherkassky: Lecture Artist in Focus | 35mm
  For more than two decades, Peter Tscherkassky (*1958, Vienna)
  has been distilling his films from found footage, cadre by cadre,
  using an elaborate, strictly manual contact copy process in the
  darkroom. His collages and multiple exposures result in an
  intense experience of film - a "physical cinema", as Tscherkassky
  himself calls it. In a lecture he will explain his technique using the
  film "Outer Space" as an example.
  Attending: Peter Tscherkassky

9:30 p.m. werkstattkino


  Kate Tessa Lee & Tom Schön  
DE, MU 2019 | 84 min | kreol.
  On Rodrigues in the middle of the Indian Ocean today
  globalization and climate change are clearly noticeable. Socio-
  cultural habits are changing, local lifestyles are becoming
  obsolete. This is also experienced by the octopus fishermen, the
  "Piqueuses ourite". Marie Louise Édouard is one of them. Now the
  mid-fifties are facing an uncertain future.
  Attending: Kate Tessa Lee, Tom Schön

sunday 11 okt 2020  

11:00 a.m.

  Zustand und Gelände (Status and Terrain)
  Ute Adamczewski 
  DE 2019 | 118 min | dt. OF
  Goldene Taube, Leipzig & Prix Premier, Marseille
  In eastern Germany, so-called wild concentration camps were set
  up immediately after the National Socialist seizure of power from
  March 1933 to eliminate political opponents. Today they have
  largely been forgotten. "Zustand und Gelände" is a search for
  traces of the former places of horror and uncovers different
  political cultures of remembrance.
  Attending: Ute Adamczewski

5:00 p.m. werkstattkino

  Book & Film: Gerhard Friedl
  Gerhard Friedl – A Working Book

  Volker Pantenburg (Hg.)   FilmmuseumSynema Wien 2019
  Gerhard Friedl (1967-2009) left behind a memorable body of film
  essays that still influences documentary filmmaking today.
  Matthias Hirth is the narrator in Friedl's precise films, where the
  picture-sound scissors only seem to diverge in a lucid way. A
  collection of texts by and about a unique filmmaker.
  Lecture: Matthias Hirth
  Knittelfeld – Town without History
  Gerhard Friedl 
  AT, DE 1997 | 35 min | dt. OF |16mm
  To the pictures of a faceless small town, a narrator presents an
  abysmal family tragedy in a calm narrative tone. There is no
  question: it is about the province as a secret place of horror.

6:00 p.m.

  El año del descubrimiento  
  The Year of the Discovery
  Luis López Carrasco  
ES, CH 2020 | 200 min | span. OmeU
  In 1992, three major events took place in Spain: the Olympic
  Games in Barcelona, the World Expo in Seville and the celebration
  of the 500th anniversary of the discovery of America. Protests
  against the closure of factories became increasingly fierce - until 
  the regional parliament was set on fire with Molotov

7:00 p.m. werkstattkino

  Phil Solomon: Lecture with Eve Heller   | 16mm
  The American experimental filmmaker Phil Solomon (1954-2019)
  is one of the great alchemists of cinema, alongside Stan Brakhage
  and Tony Conrad. For him, the screen was a "window that opens
  on a daydream", as he described it himself. Five of his works,
  including "Remains to be Seen" (1989), one of the "greatest films
  of all time" (Brakhage), open a view of his dreamlike universe.
  Companion Eve Heller introduces the films.
  Attending: Eve Heller

9:00 p.m. werkstattkino 

  Los Conductos   Labor of Love | 16mm auf HD
  Camilo Restrepo 
   FR, CO, BR 2020 | 70 min | span. OmeU
  First Feature Award, Berlinale
  Pinky is on the run. He has freed himself from the sect of the
  "Padre". Colombia is burning. Nightmare and hallucination are
  celebrated, greedily reality is absorbed while the celluloid material
  pulsates. Parable about the liberation of a whole country, maybe
  even continent.

monday 12 oct 2020  

6:00 p.m.


  Ivana cea Groaznică   (Ivana the Terrible)
  Ivana Mladenović  
RO, RS 2019 | 86 min | rumänisch, serb.
  "Some sort of Balkan family gone wild" is what the director, who
  grew up in Serbia and lives in Romania, calls her
  psychotherapeutic comedy. Autobiographical starting point: a
  woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Actors: the artist's
  semi-national family and friends.

8:30 p.m. werkstattkino


  Labor of Love: L'Abominable (Paris)
  Since 1996, the film laboratory L'Abominable in the north of Paris
  has offered filmmakers the opportunity to develop and edit their
  own film material in the autonomous collective operation. Since
  then, this creative post-production atmosphere has produced the
  films of Nicholas Rey, Nathalie Nambot, Camilo Restrepo (see Los
  Conductos, Sunday 11.10.), Stefano Canapa, Martine Rousset,
  Emmanuel Lefrant and many others, of which we present a
  selection of outstanding professional DIY works.

tuesday 13 oct 2020  

6:00 p.m.

  Oskar Alegria 
  ES 2019 | 122 min | baskisch, span. OmeU
  "Zumiriki", Basque for "island in the middle of a river". In the
  essay film, the filmmaker returns to a central place of his
  childhood in the Pyrenees and stages a series of intimate
  homages to the spirit of the place. "Zumiriki" is a gentle critique
  of civilization and a radical self-experiment with an uncertain
  Attending: Oskar Alegria

8:30 p.m. werkstattkino 


  Kurzfilmnacht dokumente & experimente
  With short break and free beverage | ca. 130 min | Entrance fee
  The ultimate short film night proves the joy of experimentation
  and perfect form. Cana Bilir-Meier shows a film about the OEZ
  assassination attempt, Jovana Reisinger uses soft focus and
  penny dreadful novel effects to decompose a Prince Charming
  fantasy, Frédéric Jaeger expands the gender battle zone in
  Hönow, Okin Cznupolowsky has found a couch potato rocker in
  Munich and Bear Boy dares martial arts on 35mm. Furthermore,
  films by Maureen Fazendeiro, Viktoria Schmid, and others.
  Attending: Bear Boy, Cana Bilir-Meier, Frédéric Jaeger,
  Jovana Reisinger, Okin Cznupolowsky

wednesday 14 oct 2019  

6:30 p.m. werkstattkino


  A.I. is the Answer   | Weltpremiere
  Christian von Borries
   DE 2020 | 77 min | engl. OV
  The picture composer Borries calls his new film "A social science
  fiction mini-series". He has compiled fragments of discourse, net
  finds, advertising messages and scenes with two fictional
  characters in a world in which even amazement can only be
  virtual. A powerful and humorous antithesis to this year's
  UNDERDOX analog theme.
  Attending: Christian von Borries

8:30 p.m.


  Beirut over and over again  | fundraising film screening
Libanon 1982-2019 | ca. 85 min | arab., engl., franz. OmeU
  Eintritt: 10€
  On August 4, 2020, 2750 tons of ammonium nitrate detonated in
  the port of Beirut and the entire city was covered by the disaster.
  Protests following the detonation were suppressed. A military
  state of emergency was declared, threatening the freedom to
  stand up against a regime that literally blew up the people. In a
  solidarity screening, Nour Ouayda (Beirut) and Philip Widmann
  (Berlin) show short films by Hassan Julien Chehouri, Danielle
  Arbid, Mohamed Soueid & Ghassan Salhab, Jocelyne Saab.
  Attending: Philip Widmann

10:30 p.m. werkstattkino


  Closing night with Radio Karantina (Beirut)
  Directly from Beirut, "Radio Karantina" broadcasts ambient-
  meets-song-and-voice-mixtapes, which are compiled by DJs,
  artists* and filmmakers* from Asia, USA and Europe. A floating
  antidote to the seriousness of this strange year.