Connecting Futures | Phase 1: BELDOCS, Beograd

Political Reflections: War, Militarization, and the Rise of Totalitarian Regimes.

What does the future of young people in Europe look like? And which questions can we consider with film, whether documentary or experimental, as a discursive medium? In three project phases, CONNECTING FUTURES traces the questions about the future in a Europe in permanent crisis mode. Three film festivals each invite ten young people from three European cities to an intercultural exchange. The focus is on political issues and raising awareness of democracy and human rights, as well as on the first steps toward professionalization and opportunities for collective cooperation.

Already on May 10, 2023, we will go to BELDOCS, the international documentary film festival in Belgrade.

Here we introduce the young participants of CONNECTING FUTURES – UNDERDOX. In the next five months they will report from BELDOCS (phase 1), FID Marseille (phase 2) and UNDERDOX (phase 3) in an (audiovisual) blog.

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Trilateral youth exchange project in Europe
BELDOCS Belgrade – FID Marseille – UNDERDOX Munich

In three project phases CONNECTING FUTURES wants to trace the questions about the future in a Europe in permanent crisis mode. Three film festivals invite ten young people each from three European cities to an intercultural exchange. Political questions and the sensitization for democracy and human rights are in the focus as well as first steps of professionalization and possibilities of collective cooperation.

Target group and conditions of participation

CONNECTING FUTURES is aimed at young adults (18-22 years old) from all educational backgrounds. Prerequisites for participation are a keen interest in the audiovisual medium and a willingness to reflect on political issues.
The language of communication between the project participants is English. The three project phases will take place on location. Participation in the workshops is free of charge for the young people. Travel and accommodation costs will be covered by the project.

Please send your application with your personal profile and a short letter of motivation explaining why you are interested in participating to
Application deadline: March 31, 2023

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The trailer of 17th UNDERDOX

The theme of “volatility” is driving us this year. Nothing lasts. Peace. Health. Elements. Films. Jean-Luc Godard has passed on. And even the last excursion of UNDERDOX is history. In the summer of 2021, we went to Palić, Serbia, to present a short film program at the local festival. We left the EU and got to know a secluded, mysterious world near the Hungarian border. The trailer reminds us of our trip. It shows a shot of the dead lake of Palić, which is completely tilted. That doesn’t stop us from reveling in idyll: Slowly, the barge draws a circle over the greenish-yellow water, folk tunes wistfully reminiscent of old, better times. Suddenly, the sound of a film projector mingles. – This was just a new prank by JLG. Marguerite Duras sits across from him, praising his film. The latter smirks: he can only ever say bad things, he admires her praise. Then they say: Shall we begin? Yes, we begin.

I+DOP+S+E: Dunja Bialas
Found Footage: Walt de Mirabeau
Starring Bernd Brehmer, Jean-Luc Godard, Marguerite Duras and the Palić’ tourists.

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The UNDERDOX catalog has arrived!

Here you can already browse around online!

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Das full program!

Now online! Here you can find the complete UNDERDOX program of the 17th edition!
There are 16 feature films and countless shorts, from 15 countries from almost all continents: Argentina, Bolivia, Germany, France, Italy, India, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Ukraine, USA, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Austria, Philippines. With 7 German premieres!

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Artist in Focus 2022: Harald Vogl

Dear Jimmy, Courtesy The Museum of Modern Art, New York

“No Wave”: Under this slogan UNDERDOX presents its ARTIST IN FOCUS this year Harald Vogl and his “New York Trilogy”. Vogl came to the Munich Academy of Arts in the seventies, where he studied painting with Günter Fruhtrunk. At the end of his studies he showed white canvases, “empty pictures”, hinge works to his already started intensive film work, which lasted until 1988. In New York he came into contact with the “No Wave” scene around the legendary Club 57 in East Village and became part of the post-punk period and the “Cinema of Transgression”. In 1975 he showed his films for the first time in Jonas Mekas’ “Anthology Film Archives”, even before creating a New York trilogy with “Only You” (1981), “OK Today Tomorrow” (1983) and “Measure Taken” (1984), preceded by “Dear Jimmy” (1978), a classic of No Wave.

Underdox shows the “New York Trilogy” in the copies restored by the Museum of Modern Art as a German premiere. Harald Vogl is a guest!
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VIDEODOX Special Events

Saturday 16.10.2021 11 am: Performance “100 ways to be inside a rectangle [VIDEODOX version]” by Sara Mayoral Jimenez

Künstlerinnengespräch: Elena Alvarez Lutz und Sara Mayoral Jimenez

Saturday 16.10.2021 3 pm: Reading by Jovana Reisinger from her novel “Spitzenreiterinnen”.

Jovana Reisinger, “Spitzenreiterinnen”, Verbrecher Verlag, 22 €

Sunday 17.10. 2 p.m. Talk with “REVÜ – Flugblatt für Cinephilie”: Art between Cinema and Gallery – Possibilities and Perspectives of Cinematic Expressions

Mehr Gesprächskreis als Panel, mit nahtlosem Übergang zu den Zuhörenden
Es diskutierten (v.l.): Franziska Unger, Camille Tricaud, Stephan Vorbrugg, Nicole Leykauf, Dominik Bais (Filmkollektiv)

Es moderierten: Emil Klattenhoff, Carlotta Wachotsch (REVÜ), Dunja Bialas (VIDEODOX)

Sunday 17.10.21 4 p.m. Awarding of the VIDEODOX Promotional Prize 2021.
The prize goes to Melina Hennicker, Michael Schmidt, Andreas Woller for “kirchmoarhof-d”.

Die Zeremonie ist im Gang (v.l.): Peider Defilla (Preisstifter, B.O.A. Videofilmkunst), Andreas Woller, Michael Schmidt, Felix Burger (Jury), Melina Hennicker
v.l.: VIDEODOX-Förderpreis-Stifter Peider Defilla, Andreas Woller, Michale Schmidt, Melina Hennicker
Die Gewinner-Arbeit: kirchmoarhof-d von Melina Hennicker, Michael Schmidt, Andreas Woller


Baby Ice in Jovana Reisinger: “Die klaffende Wunde”
Baby Ice in Camille Tricaud/ Franziska Unger: “Apocalypse Baby”
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VIDEODOX Special Events 16 & 17 okt 2021

© Ulu Braun | Das Glitzern im Barbieblut

On the theme of “Transgressiveness – Video Art between the Arts”, VIDEODOX invites you to various events this weekend that focuses on the change of media. 

Saturday, Oct 16, 2021:
11 am Performance by Sara Mayoral Jimenez „100 ways to be inside of a rectangle – VIDEODOX Version“
15 Uhr Lecture by Jovana Reisinger from her novel „Spitzenreiterinnen“ (Verbrecher Verlag), nominated for the Bavarian Book Award 2021
5 pm guided tours

Sunday, Oct 17, 2021:
2 pm Talk with “REVÜ – a magazine for film” on the topic: Art between cinema and gallery – possibilities and perspectives of cinematic expression
On the panel: 
Nicole Leykauf, producer
Camille Tricaud, Franziska Unger (HFF students)
Dominik Bais (Academy of the Fine Arts)
Stephan Vorbrugg, producer
4 pm Award Cerenomy

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3Gplus, 3G with distance, 3G with mask

Corona makes things complicated, let’s keep it simple.
Since yesterday’s opening, the Filmmuseum München practises 3Gplus, i.e. only vaccinated, recovered people or those who can show a negative PCR test can enter the hall. There is free seating, in principle any seat can be taken. However, we do ask you to keep a seat free to your (unknown) neighbor so that everyone feels comfortable. There is no need to wear a mask in the hall.

In the Theatiner the 3G rule with distance applies: only vaccinated, recovered and those who can show a negative test are allowed into the hall. Self-testing does not apply.
The visitors are placed in the hall with a distance of 1.5 meters and can take off their masks.

In the Werkstattkino we have chosen 3G with mask due to the small number of seats. Only vaccinated, recovered and those who can show a negative test can enter the hall. Self-testing does not apply. In principle, any seat can be taken. The mask must be kept on even during the movie.

The rules follow the updated 14th Bavarian Infection Protection Measures Ordinance, which has been in effect since 6.10.21.

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The UNDERDOX Trailer 2021

If the 2021 trailer looks familiar to you, you are right: Already in 2020, in our first edition under Corona regulations, we had chosen DISTANCE FILM by Siegfried A. Fruhauf – this year our Artist in Focus! As long as Corona has a decisive influence on the realization of our festival, this is our credo, the festival trailer will remain the same. As a cautionary mantra that accompanies us.

The current Corona rules for visiting UNDERDOX are as follows:

Theatiner Filmkunst: 3G, contact details must be left with the cinema, 1.5 meter distance in the cinema hall, no mask must be worn.
Filmmuseum München: 3G, contact details must be left with the cinema, 1.5 meter distance in the cinema hall, no mask must be worn.
For the opening, we are considering exceptionally resorting to the possibility of 3Gplus, which as of today is available for cultural events, so that everyone can be let into the hall. We would then go to the checkerboard pattern since a long time desired by the cinemas (1 meter distance). There is no need to wear a mask.
Werkstattkino: 3G, contact details must be left with the cinema, all seats are taken in the cinema hall, a medical face mask must be worn.

All rules follow the framework and regulations of the current “14. Bayerischen Infektionsschutzmaßnahmenverordnung” of 5.10.2021.

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