Hygiène Sociale (Social Hygiene)

© Denis Côté | Hygiène Sociale

Denis Côté

CA 2021 | Best Director, Berlinale Encounters 2021
75 min | HD | French
Sc+P+Sales: Denis Côté | DOP: François Messier-Rheault | E: Nicolas Roy S: Jean-François Caissy | With Maxim Gaudette, Larissa Corriveau, Eleonore Loiselle, Eve Duranceau, Kathleen Fortin, Evelyne Rompré

monday 11 oct 18.00 theatiner filmkunst

Antonin stands in lovely grass fields and proclaims his dissent. The world, embodied by the three women in his life, want him to buckle under, get a decent job, remake his marriage or make the movie he’s always talking about. Another woman, dressed in pink, turns out to be his tax inspector. But Antonin’s having nothing of it. He prefers to sleep in a friend’s car and get by robbing tourists. I’m struggling with the idea that though it was written five years ago, it was already called “Social Hygiene,” and was planned to be shot in giant landscapes with actors five meters from each other and suddenly five years later it fits perfectly to the rules of shooting in a pandemic. I was not planning to write a real narrative film. I was completely intoxicated with Swiss author Robert Walser, who was a drifter writer, he just walked around with a very ironic way of looking at things and wrote about his observations, I was completely intoxicated by his style and I was talking like him in my head. (Denis Côté)

Denis Côté born 1973 in New Brunswick, Canada. As a producer and director, he initially realized low-budget short films. He also worked as a radio presenter and film critic for the weekly newspaper “Ici”. His feature film debut LES ETATS NORDIQUES was awarded the Golden Leopard in Locarno.

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