Veronika Veit

Born 1968 in Munich. Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich. 2004 working scholarship of the Kunstfonds e.V., Bonn, 2006 Bayerischer Staatsförderpreis für Bildende Kunst, 2016 Förderpreis für Bildende Kunst der Stadt München, 2017 Kunst im öffentlichen Raum project of the city of Munich.

Changing times

© Veronika Veit | Changing Times

2021 | 4 min
Concept + DOP + E: Veronika Veit | Sound: Heyband

Middle-aged women in everyday situations. A stressed working mother, a traffic controller at work, an athlete. All have telescopic breasts that can move autonomously. Two singing centauresses comment like an ancient choir on how this anatomical change came about.

Videos & Installations Bunker 2017 | connected on nature 2019 | Last generation, Dirt as a pet 2020 | Bessere Zeiten 2021

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