Michael Mönnich

The absurdities of rationalization processes that occur through practices of outsourcing and division of labor are at the center of Mönnich’s artistic work. In fragments of the digital working world, she circles the fields of success and alienation.

Arbeit, Heim, Komfort

© Michael Mönnich | Arbeit, Heim, Komfort

2020 | 122 min | Video | 2-Channel
Concept: Michael Mönnich

Every technical system that pretends to possess artificial intelligence must be taught beforehand. The technical images needed for development have been produced, transferred and traded as commodities globally since the spread of digital photography and the Internet. A dataset consisting of 68.8 hours of video footage was produced entirely by independent Internet workers distributed around the globe. These show various spaces in a family’s home. Predefined actions to be learned by the AI are performed in front of the camera.

Exhibitions The Balcony, Den Haag Galerie der Stadt Schwaz | Lothringer 13, VIDEODOX 2019, München

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