Covid Messages

© John Smith | Covid Messages

John Smith

GB 2020
22 min | HD | English
Sc+P: John Smith | Sales: LUX | With Boris Johnson

tuesday 12 oct 7.30 pm werkstattkino | long shorts 4: brex it!

Covid Messages is a video in six parts, based around broadcasts of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s COVID-19 press conferences. The work focusses on the British government’s attempts to eliminate the virus through the use of magic spells and rituals. While the pandemic spreads and the death toll rises, the Prime Minister makes repeated errors of judgement. Exasperated by his many mistakes, the spirits of the dead rise up and intervene.

John Smith, Covid Messages, 2020 (excerpt) from Kate MacGarry on Vimeo.

John Smith is one of the illustrious representatives of British Avant-garde Cinema, who combines humor with political contemplation, document with fiction in his experimental short films. In 2015 he was Artist in Focus of the 10th UX.

Films (selection) Hotel Diaries 2001 2007 | Worst Case Scenario 2003 | Unusual Red cardigan 2011 (all 10. UX) | Covid Messages 2020

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