Blutsauger (Bloodsucker)

© Julian Radlmaier | Blutsauger

Julian Radlmaier

DE 2021 | Lola Best Unfilmed Screenplay 2019
125 min | HD | German
B+S: Julian Radlmaier | DOP: Markus Koob | P: Kirill Krasovski | Sales: Grandfilm | With Alexandre Koberidze, Lilith Stangenberg, Alexander Herbst, Corinna Harfouch, Andreas Döhler, Daniel Hoesl, Mareike Beykirch, Kyung-Taek Lie, Darja Lewin Chalem, Ludwig Sporrer

wednesday 13 oct 19.30 werkstattkino | closing film

August 1928: while workers and farmers search “Das Kapital” for answers to some mysterious vampire bite marks, a self-proclaimed baron enters the life of the charming heiress Miss Flambow-Jansen, as well as her luxury Baltic residence. As it turns out, he is actually a proletarian impostor, forced to escape from the Soviet Union because of a political incident involving no less than Sergei Eisenstein and Stalin himself.

Julian Radlmaier born 1984 in Nuremberg. Studied film studies and art history in Berlin and Paris, then film at the dffb Berlin. Translator and editor of film critical texts by Jacques Rancière.

Films The Tramp 2010 | Der Aufstand der Plebejer 2010 | Ein Gespenst geht um in Europa 2013 (9. UX) | Ein proletarisches Wintermärchen 2014 (10. UX) | Selbstkritik eines bürgerlichen Hundes 2017 | Blutsauger 2021

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