All Other Things Equal

© Anya Tsyrlina | All Other Things Equal

Anya Tsyrlina

RU 2020 | German Premiere
20 min | 16mm | no dialogues
E: Anya Tsyrlina, Sid Iandovka
SD: Sid Iandovka | P+Sales: Sid Iandovka

saturday 9 okt 5.00 pm werkstattkino | long shorts 3: analogue paradises

Taking cinematic re-contextualization to the extreme without changing the original context, the film interweaves hundreds of frames and scenes from the late Soviet “women’s equality” propaganda – to create an elliptical, sensuous, quietly subversive world that does not map easily onto the contemporary notions and stakes of western feminism.

Anya Tsyrlina born in Novosibirsk. Artist and filmmaker. She lives and works in Basel since 2002.

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