Connecting Futures: Stella Kluge

My name is Stella Kluge, I am 23 years old, was born and grew up in Munich.
I have always had a fascination for stories. Not only for the content of the story itself, but also for the way it is told and what its images make the listeners feel. Movies have therefore always been a faithful companion for me through my turbulent adolescence. Here I sometimes have the feeling that you are not only watching and consuming a film yourself, but that the film can also give you the feeling of listening and understanding.
Depending on which film you decide to watch and in which mood, it has a potential for identification that gives you a different perspective on your own story.
Since I work in a movie theater and see on a daily basis how people are inspired, helped or even angered by the stories that are shown there, the magic that the art of some films has on people is undeniable to me.
In the Connecting Futures project, I hope to continue to observe this magic, to be inspired by it, and perhaps to create it myself here and there.

© Stella Kluge

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