Connecting Futures | Phase 1: BELDOCS, Beograd

Political Reflections: War, Militarization, and the Rise of Totalitarian Regimes.

What does the future of young people in Europe look like? And which questions can we consider with film, whether documentary or experimental, as a discursive medium? In three project phases, CONNECTING FUTURES traces the questions about the future in a Europe in permanent crisis mode. Three film festivals each invite ten young people from three European cities to an intercultural exchange. The focus is on political issues and raising awareness of democracy and human rights, as well as on the first steps toward professionalization and opportunities for collective cooperation.

Already on May 10, 2023, we will go to BELDOCS, the international documentary film festival in Belgrade.

Here we introduce the young participants of CONNECTING FUTURES – UNDERDOX. In the next five months they will report from BELDOCS (phase 1), FID Marseille (phase 2) and UNDERDOX (phase 3) in an (audiovisual) blog.

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