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On August 13, Sahraa Karimi, director of the Afghan Film Organization, launched a call for help: “Do not let Afghan cinema die. Even if you are in exile.” Then a few days ago, on September 23, the news comes through Twitter, “I am now officially Former Afghan Film Director General. Done.” Six weeks lie in between.

Back in 2013, UNDERDOX screened the collective film FAR FROM AFGHANISTAN, which was modeled after LOIN DU VIETNAM (1967). One of the directors of the film, John Gianvito, is writing UNDERDOX today: ”In my view our film has, sadly, lost little of its relevance. I’ve been regularly in touch the past weeks with one of the members of AFGHAN VOICES who filmed many of the sequences in the film and sadly he and his family were unable to leave the country despite repeated efforts to get through the crowds at the Kabul airport. Just one of the thousands of stories out there, though we are continuing to pursue alternative solutions”.

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UNDERDOX presents FAR FROM AFGHANISTAN in a solidaric screening. 
wednesday 13 oct 5.00 pm werkstattkino | entrance fee: 10 Euro
Revenues go to 
International Rescue Committee (IRC) 
Guest: Ali Khorosh Fazli Bayat (KINO ASYL)

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