Ludwig Wüst

AT 2018

103 min – HD – German

B: Ludwig Wüst – K: Klemens Koscher – S: Samuel Käppeli – M: Andreas Dauböck – SD: Bernhard Maisch – T: Tjandra Warsosumarto – P: Maja Savić, Ludwig Wüst

saturday 13 oct 8.30 pm werkstattkino

A man leaves a woman, a woman leaves a man. Both meet for a short while. Great changes await them at the end of this journey.

”’MONO NO AWARE’, the Japanese proverb ’the sadness for the passing of things’ inspired me to do this film: DEPARTURE, a film, that sent us on an intensive expedition, a cinematic trip towards the last things, that have partly disappeared and won’t be possible anylonger… what comes after it?” (Ludwig Wüst)

Ludwig Wüst
   Born in Bavaria, lives and works in Vienna since 1987. Studies from 1987 to 1990 in acting and singing at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. Since 1990 director, author, actor.  More than 40 productions for theater and opera in Vienna, Leipzig, Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt. Since 1999 filmmaker.

   Zwei Frauen 2006 - KOMA 2009 - Tape End 2011 - Das Haus meines Vaters 2013 - Abschied 2014 (10. UX) –Aufbruch 2018