UNDERDOX half-time 14 June 2018 7 p.m. filmmuseum münchen

light & shadows

The experimental filmmakers Ute Aurand and Robert Beavers see their 16mm-Bolex camera as an immediate visual instrument. They make poetic cinema, image condensations and haikus. Her films move on the terrain between cinema and contemporary art and have been shown at the Vienna Film Museum, the Oberhausen Short Film Festival, the Whitney Museum, the Tate Modern Gallery and the Harvard Film Archive, among others.

Ute Aurand and Robert Beavers are guests at halftime!

UTE AURAND: poems of a light


Ute Aurand (*1957 in Frankfurt am Main) belongs to a group of women who developed a female, experimental film language at the dffb Berlin in 1979. She was fascinated by New American Cinema films, especially Jonas Mekas and Marie Menken and their film diaries and memories. At the same time, it was influenced by the fine arts.
Website von Ute Aurand

ROBERT BEAVERS: shadows of a sound


Robert Beavers (*1949 in Massachusetts) came into contact with the filmmakers of the American avant-garde in New York in 1965, which had a decisive influence on his life. He went to Europe with his partner Gregory J. Markopoulos († 1992). In 1980 he began the famous open-air Temenos screenings on the hills of the Peloponnese. In 2017 Robert Beavers received the Stan Brakhage Vision Award.

poems of a light

By the sea   1994 | 3 min | 16mm
The island of Hiddensee, a walk. Shining sea buckthorn, blue-green horizon. Meanwhile, Japanese filmmaker Utako Koguchi plays and sings on the piano.

Headfirst in branches  2007 | 15 min | 16mm | stumm
Memorial pictures of the filmmaker, from the time between the death of her mother and father (2000-07). Transformation of places and feelings, emerged from childhood moods.

Lisa   2017 | 5 min | 16mm
The Japanese friend Lisa (Risa) Tamaru, filmed in Berlin and Yokohama. The film is part of a series of short portraits that release personal gestures and moments beyond the narrative and documentary.

Four Diamonds   2017 | 5 min | 16mm
Memories of New England, 2012: Some older ladies playing bridge, the stormy sea in Cape Cod. And the music of Etienne Grenier.
"A film as light as a sketch, full of the refreshing thoughtfulness with which the sea wind blows through your head." – Fabian Tietke

shadows of a sound

The Hedge Theater   1986-90/2002 | 19 min | 35mm
„The buoyant spaces of Borromini’s churches, the sewing of a buttonhole, and a grove of trees with empty birdcages are the setting in which I search for the unseen measure of love.“ Robert Beavers

The Suppliant   2010 | 5 min | 16mm
The small statue of the "beggar" raises her arm to an absent counterpart. To a deity? The radiant sun penetrating through the windows of a Brooklyn Heights apartment? The friend who once lived in the rooms? An invocation, a song.

„Der Klang, die Welt...”   2018 | 4 min | 16mm
The architect Dieter Staehelin, his thoughts on music. Then he and Cécile Staehelin play an arabesque by the Czech composer Bohuslav Martinů.