Franz Wanner

Franz Wanner  
born in Bad Tölz. After training as a photographer and studying film, he studied media theory and interdisciplinary projects at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. His cross-media artistic work appears in interdisciplinary contexts.

Roulette Polar 2007 | Ein Dia-Abend von der Revolution 2008
Trafo  2013 | Eine Stadt unter Einfluss  2015 | Dual-Use 2016 | From Camp to Campus 2019 | Die Befragung 2019

From Camp to Campus

2019 | video, sound
10 min | HD | German
B+S: Franz Wanner | K: Matthias Kind, Christian Schmieder, Franz Wanner
T: Jakob Sepp | Sprecherin: Verena Rendtorff | Mit Monika Schuck

As the "Luftfahrtforschungsanstalt" (Aviation Research Institute), the NS regime installed an armaments centre to the south of Munich, and forced laborers were used to build it. Military production has continued there to the present day. In 2013, the complex was named after NS engineer Ludwig Bölkow and designated a campus. While the structural documents of the former prison camp are being cleaned up, the Bavarian state government establishes its "Bavaria One" aerospace strategy at the site of the former forced labor.

cinema screening   tuesday   15 oct   8.30 pm   werkstattkino   | short film night