Camille Tricaud & Franziska Unger

Camille Tricaud  
born in Bordeaux. Studied philosophy and documentary film at the HFF Munich since 2014. 2018 Camera studies at the ENS Louis Lumière Paris. Her medium-length film Which Way to the West won the 3sat Award at the Oberhausen Short Film Festival.

Franziska Unger  
Diploma in architecture at the TU Dresden. She works on architectural and film projects and makes video art.

Films (Camille Tricaud)  
I Love My #Hairlegs (with Mila Zhluktenko and Charlotte Funke ) 2018 (13. UX) | Which Way to the West 2019 | Apocalypse Airlines (mit Franziska Unger) 2018

Apocalypse Airlines

2019 | Video, Sound
3 min | Music arrangement by Lovemen
R+S: Tricaud, Unger | K: Lilli Pongratz; Kristina Kilian, Maria Ostermayer (Ass.)
Licht: Jianni Mürbock | P: Claudia Schnupp, Hanna Bohnenberg | Mit Niels Behrendt, Annelie Boros, Tobias Göppel, Lena Liegel, André Lemmer, Pauline Stumpf, Christina Unger

Fake advertising for a fictitious airline that confronts us with our own contradictions. We want: to travel, to discover the world, to feel free. At the same time, we are aware of the ecological consequences of air travel. Are we prepared to compromise in order to live responsibly? Is this a purely individual or a political question? How do we deal with advertising? 

 kinoscreening   dienstag   15 okt   20.30   werkstattkino   | kurzfilmnacht