Anton Kaun, Bülent Kullukçu, Dominik Obalski
(Raw theater)

Anton Kaun 
  born in 1974. Live video filmmaker und Noise musician.,

Bülent Kullukçu   born in 1971 in Markt Indersdorf, is director, actor, musician and artist. Various projects, amongst others Generation Aldi, Kullukçu Galerie in Munich. He is co-founder of „Göthe Protokoll“.

Dominik Obalski   born in 1986 in Munich, is dramaturge, DJ and composer.
In 2012 Kaun, Kullukçu and Obalski founded the "Raw Theater".

About Raw Theater

„The Raw Theater shows not only film without film, but also theater without theater. The implosion of film and theater in different genres and the breaking down of the boundaries between reproduction and representation must be welcomed in Raw Theater without reservation as a joint awakening of the various media worlds.“ (Dunja Bialas)


2018 | Live Video, Installation 
Idea, Live Video, Sound: Raw Theater

The world is generated from a crank that lets a video camera glide over a miniature landscape. Microscenes, fantastic and of everyday life, are salvaged by the visitors themselves in this analog-interactive installation.