Ivan Paskalev

Ivan Paskalev  
born 1980 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Studied art education and art history at the LMU Munich. Freelance artist at PLATFORM Munich. Paskalev won the VIDEODOX Award 2017 with "17:43". 

Not Important 2011 | CAD 2013 | Win-Win-Dowse 2014 | Papierarbeiten o.T. 2016 | 200≠200 2016 | Frühling 2016 | o.T. I, II 2017 | 12:55 2017 | 17:43 2017 | Futuro chaos 2017 | Prototype 2019 | orac 2019


2019 | Video sculpture
Concept, construction, video: Ivan Paskalev

A strange figure consisting of an LCD monitor lying on four metal feet. On the monitor sits a semi-transparent hood, which hides the direct view of the video by means of polarized foils. Only small columns provide insights into the hidden. Inside the box, a wiry structure shimmers through. On this one recognizes iridescent surfaces on which video fragments become visible.
What is this? That's orac. orac introduces itself.
We don't understand him yet... But he doesn't really understand us either.
(Ivan Paskalev)