Patrick Nicolas

Patrick Nicolas  
born in 1962 in Rodez, France. Studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts Toulouse. He lives and works in Ulm.

Video installations  
Duell (with Marc Hautmann) 2016 (2. VX) | Ich (with M. Hautmann) 2017 | Betrachter 2018 | Leporello 2019 | Vanitas RGB 2019

Betrachter (Spectator)

2018 | Installation, Sound
1 min Loop
Concept, drawings, video: Patrick Nicolas

See and be seen. A beamer rotates on a revolving stage at one revolution per minute. The drawing of approx. 70 people is projected onto the walls in the form of a 1-minute black-and-white film. The viewer becomes a spectator, but also an object of observation through an absent and yet present crowd.