Michael Mönnich

Michael Mönnich  
born in 1992, in Landsberg am Lech. Studied photography at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich. He is interested in work and its transformation through technological development.    

Espace Canal Saint-Martin, Paris 2017 | Den Haag 2018
Fotodok, Utrecht 2018 | Akademie der Bildenden Künste, München 2019

On-Demand Workforce

2019 | Screenrecording, Sound
4 x 5 min | English
I+S: Michael Mönnich | K: Clickworker

Amazon's "Mechanical Turk" (MTurk) platform offers "access to a global, 24/7 scalable workforce" that I "only have to pay when I'm satisfied". Amazon connects employers with a global network of over 500,000 employees. I outsourced the work I normally do myself (producing and documenting images). I realized that Amazon was preparing day labourers for the digital age. The workers become part of a machine, implemented in assembly line work based on algorithms. (Michael Mönnich)