Yulia Lokshina & Angela Stiegler

Yulia Lokshina  
born in 1986 in Moscow. Lives and works in Munich and Bonn. Studied documentary film directing at the HFF Munich since 2011. In the course of her work at the Forum Internationale Wissenschaft in Bonn, audiovisual projects are created at the interface of film and science.

Angela Stiegler  
born in 1987 in Munich. Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. Her videos, performances and sculptural works deal centrally with the body as a medium of expression. 

Joint projects   Saloon, Atelier für Medienkunst, München 2018 (Film- und Diskussionsreihe) | Sent from my phone, Athen 2018 | Anti Körper, Galerie der Künstler München 2018 | Two A.M., Kunsthalle Zürich, Fridericianum Kassel 2016 | Mitglied der Künstler*inneninitiative >K< („Letters to K“, München 2018)

Subjective Hill

2019 | Video, Sound
35 min | English
K: Julia Swoboda | SD+M: Yorgia Karidi | P: Swiss Center for Affective Sciences, Universität Genf, Embassy of Foreign Artists Geneva, Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München

What is the difference between real and imminent danger? In a simulation, we combine perception and projection to predict the outcome of a situation or prevent an escalation. The laboratory investigates how we learn to control our body and mind. Based on police techniques of surveillance and de-escalation, SUBJECTIVE HILL makes use of the autonomous power of the BodyCam.