Melina Hennicker   born in 1985 in Gräfelfing. Training as a wood sculptor, then studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich (class Albert Hien).
Michael Schmidt   born 1986 in Augsburg. Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich (class of Albert Hien).
The focus of the Hennicker-Schmidt (in addition to solo projects) lies in the relationship between human beings and the environment.   

Works together   LehmIst 2013 | ZentraLux 2013 | Die kleine Freiheit 2014 | stabil und schön 2015 | BAU 2016 | the ocean between 2018 | Der Body 2019

Der Body

2019 | Object with music video
6 min | German
M+Text+Interpretation+Objekt+Performance: Hennicker-Schmidt

Music video with chaise longue. Melina Hennickers and Michael Schmidt's song is about two individuals experiencing different physical and mental states: From a feeling of isolation, to efforts at rapprochement, to an attempt at fusion. Meanwhile, the viewers make direct contact with the object.