Diogo da Cruz 

Diogo da Cruz   born in Lisbon, 1992. Lives and works in Munich. Studied sculpture in Lisbon and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich (class of Hermann Pitz). Since 2018 artistic assistant at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich. 

Ausstellungen   Sofia Underground 2017 | Whiteconcepts Gallery, Berlin 2017 | FOCO Gallery, Lissabon 2018
Monitor Fest, Heraklion 2018 | Florence Trust, London 2019 | Various Others 2019, München | Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo, Uruguay 2019

Wisdom Warriors

2019 | Video, Sound
12 min | Englisch
B+S+Performance+Text: Diogo da Cruz | K: Drohne

A constantly evolving project that takes on countless formations: Objects, performances, video. The collective "Wisdom Warriors" reacts to an expected dystopian future through technological disruption and rebellion. Can it really be that this group has formed, enlarged and emancipated itself from the artwork in real life, or is it still part of the artistic narration? (Anja Lückenkemper)