A Lua Platz  
Taking Place


Jérémy Gravayat

FR 2019
German Premiere
Best Documentary Belgrad Docs
97 min | 16mm & Super8 on HD | Romanian, French

B+D: Jérémy Gravayat | DOP: Guillaume Mazloum, Jérémy Gravayat | E: Marie Beaune | S: Gil Savoy | P: Damien Monnier (L’image d’après), Carine Chichkowsky (Survivance)

Friday | 11 oct 6.30 pm | werkstattkino 

At the outskirts of Paris, in a rapidly-changing suburb, a group of Romanian families are searching for a place to live. From their abandoned village, to the demolished slum and occupied houses, their quest weaves together a common history, forged through solidarity and marked by displacement. Accompanying them on their journey, the film is built as an alternative habitable space.

Jérémy Gravayat   has been making films since 2000 that document the living conditions of exile communities. His approach combines field and archive research, oral history collections and social commitment. He has realised projects in Calais, Palestine and the suburbs of Lyon, Marseille and Paris. He is a member of the analogue film laboratory L'Abominable (Paris) and a member of derives.tv.

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