Stephan Geene

DE 2019
120 min | HD | Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch, Arabisch

B+S+P+V: Stephan Geene | K: Volker Sattel | T: Manja Ebert | M: Ricky Shayne, Justus Köhncke | Mit Ricky
Shayne, Tarek Shayne Tabet, Imran Shayne Tabet, Kerstin Cmelka, Claudia Basrawi, Stephan Geene, Caroline Kirberg

sunday | 13 oct 8.30 pm | werkstattkino 

Ricky Shayne briefly streaked like a comet through West German popular culture from 1967 to 1972. Born in Cairo, raised in Beirut, he became a star in Rome in the booming Beat scene. He was then imported to Germany, where there was more money to be made.
A serial TV anti-portrait, framed by rehearsals for a gala, the attempt to give one last moment to an aborted career; an architect thinks out loud about photography and theatricality and the possibility of mounting a gala as a ruin, in order to do justice to the figure of Ricky Shayne, to his ruptures and contradictions.

Stephan Geene  
born 1961 in Bonn, was part of the artists* group minimal club and co-founder of the collective b_books, which works as a bookstore and publisher in the fields of political theory, gender and film theory. He translated texts by Maurizio Lazzarato, Jacques Rancière and Beatrice/Paul Preciado.

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