Filmmaker in focus: Ted Fendt



USA 2016
61 min | 16mm on 35mm | English

B+E: Ted Fendt | DOP: Sage Einarsen
S: Sean Dunn | With Mike Maccherone, Elizabeth Soltan, Mark Simmons, Marta Sicinska

Saturday | 12 oct | 8.30 pm | werkstattkino 

Mike, an ambitionless resident of Haddonfield, New Jersey, finds himself subletting a friend’s room in Philadelphia and (ineptly) covering his shifts at a by-donation walking-tour company. Mike floats, as if in a trance, from one low-key comic folly to another, each one a strange and subtle moral tale. Fendt’s economy of expression, expert handling of his nonprofessional cast, and incomparable nose for the tragicomic dimension of the everyday distinguishes Short Stay as a truly anomalous work in contemporary American cinema: a film made entirely on its maker’s terms. (MoMA)

Classical Period



USA 2018
62 min | 16mm | English

B+E: Ted Fendt | DOP: Sage Einarsen
S: Sean Dunn | With Calvin Engime, Evelyn Emile, Sam Ritterman,
Christopher Stump, Michael Carwile

Friday 11 oct | 8.30 pm | Werkstattkino

Classical Period, largely speaking, consists of a series of sequences (there’s no narrative per se) in which three youngish people, together with the occasional friend hang out in Philadelphia and talk learnedly and at length about archaic and esoteric topics, largely to do with history, the classical tradition, and religion, mainly Catholic. It should be said that they expound rather than actually debate; by and large, it’s about displays of erudition rather than exchanges of ideas, although once in a while, a flash of brilliance emerges. (Jonathan Romney , Film Comment)

Ted Fendt
  born 1989 in Philadelphia, USA. He works as a filmmaker and translator and lives in Berlin and Vienna.  
Fendt's films are reminiscent of the beginnings of the American Mumblecore, shot on his own and with close friends. The result is unagitated cinematic miniatures of absurd life that remain undecided between tragedy and comedy. Everything is deliberately non-narrative, somehow intellectual and always ironic. Nevertheless, it is funny, despite the seriousness of the protagonists. The encounter with Fendt's films always calls to mind the longing for the past analogue life.

Short Stay 2016 | Classical Period 2018