Dead Souls



Wang Bing

FR/CH 2018

469 min – HD – Mandarin

B: Wang Bing – K: Wang Bing, Xiaohui Shan, Yang Song, Liu Xianhui – S: Catherine Rascon – T:  Wang Bing, Raphaël Girardot, Adrien Kessler  – P: Les Films d’Ici – V:  Doc & Film International

Sunday 14 oct 11 am kunstverein münchen

In Gansu Province, northwest China, lie the remains of countless prisoners abandoned in the Gobi Desert sixty years ago. Designated as “ultra-rightists” in the Communist Party’s Anti-Rightist campaign of 1957, they starved to death in the Jiabiangou and Mingshui reeducation camps. The film invites us to meet the survivors of the camps to find out firsthand who these persons were, the hardships they were forced to endure and what became their destiny.

“An utterly harsh film, mineral like the sand in the desert, intensely focused on the words of survivors, deprived of any aesthetic embellishment, and yet a film of fire and devotion, an act of courage and challenge, showing with unprecedented scope the tragedy of the Chinese people under the yoke of communism.”  (Jacques Mandelbaum)

Wang Bing
   Born in 1967 in Xi’an, in the Chinese province of Shaanxi, is one of the foremost contemporary documentary filmmakers.
His films are about important moments in Chinese history, focusing special attention on the small and great stories of those who personally suffer the tragic consequences of specific historic events. He began his career as a photographer at the Department of Photography of the Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts (1992) and at the Department of Cinematography at the Beijing Film Academy (1995).
He made his debut as a film director in 2001 with the documentary Tie Xi Qu (West of the Tracks), a project conceived at an epic scale, which tells the story of the most ancient of Chinese industrial districts, Shenyang: the final version is a trilogy that lasts a total of 9 hours, transformed into the fascinating saga of a people and a nation

   Tie Xi Qu (Tiexi District: West of the Tracks) 2003 – He Fengming (Fengming, a Chinese Memoir) 2007 (3. UX) – L'argent du charbon (Coal Money) 2008 (4. UX) – Cai you ri ji (Crude Oil) 2008 (4. UX) – ’Til Madness Do Us Part 2013 (9. UX) – Ta'ang 2016 (11. UX)  – Mrs. Fang 2017 – 15 Hours 2017 – Dead Souls 2018