Breath Death (disarmed) – Yoga für Frauen und Bären



Evelyn Rüsseler aka Bear Boy

DE 2018
World Premiere

6 min – German

K+S: Evelyn Rüsseler aka Bear Boy – P+V: Beastie Prod.& UNDERDOX

Tuesday 16 oct 8.30 pm werkstattkino

A book found at Werkstattkino Munichs underground foyer: “Yoga for Women“, 1964, nice yellow cover. Intriguing black and white photography plus drawings inside. Go, make it a movie!

Evelyn Rüsseler aka Bear Boy  
Born 1961, experimental filmmaker,. Produces films and video work on his friends, on Animal Transformation and dead Poets. Writes novels and performs the characters that spring up in his dreams. Lives in Berlin, Munich and on the Baltic Sea.     

   Notre Dame des Friches (for Piero Heliczer) 2017 (12. UX) – L´après-midi d´Augustine 2018 – Breath Death (disarmed) – L´après-midi d´Augustine 2018 (13. UX) – Yoga für Frauen und Bären 2018 (13. UX)