La sombra de un Dios



Bernhard Hetzenauer

MX/AT/DE 2017

20 min – HD – Spanish

K+S: Bernhard Hetzenauer – T: Marco A. Lujan Aarón O. Soria, Alan R. Cervantes – P: Hetzenauer & Mijatovic Filmatelier 5 – V: sixpackfilm – Mit Asunción Carrillo Gonzalez, Maria Anita Conchas Medina

saturday 13 oct 4.30 pm werkstattkino

Chon tells the story of his cousin, son of the marakame shaman of a community in the mountains of Nayarit called La Mora. He declared himself the god and spiritual leader of the community and threatened and terrorized neighboring villages. When Chon witnessed his cousin killing members of his own community, he escaped and reported everything to the police.

Bernhard Hetzenauer  
born 1981 in Innsbruck, Austria, and works as a filmmaker, writer, curator and visual artist in Germany, Austria, Mexico and South America.   

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