Le livre d´image  
The Image Book



Jean-Luc Godard

CH 2018
Special Palme d'Or

85 min – HD – French, English, Russian, Arabic

B+S+T: Jean-Luc Godard – K: Fabrice Aragno, Jean-Luc Godard, Jean-Paul Battaggia – P: Fabrice Aragno – V: Grandfilm

thursday 11 oct 7 pm filmmuseum münchen

Do you still remember how, long ago, we trained our thoughts?
Most often we’d start from a dream…
We wondered how, in total darkness,
colours of such intensity could emerge within us.

In a soft, low voice
Saying great things,
Surprising, deep and accurate matters.

Image and words
Like a bad dream written on a stormy night.

Under western eyes.
The lost paradises.
War is here.

(Jean-Luc Godard)

Jean-Luc Godard
   Born in December 3, 1930, Paris, France, French film director who came to prominence with the New Wave group in France during the late 1950s and the ’60s.

Godard spent his formative years on the Swiss side of Lake Geneva, where his father directed a clinic. His higher education consisted of study for a degree in ethnology at the University of Paris, interminable student café conversations, and a labouring job on a dam, which inspired his first short film, Opération Béton (1954; Operation Concrete). His ethnological interests link with the influence on his work of Jean Rouch, an anthropologist who became the first practitioner and theoretician of the documentary-like film style cinéma vérité (“cinema truth”). Filmmakers of this school employ lightweight television equipment to observe their subject with the utmost informality and so completely without preconceived bias that the theme and motifs of the film emerge only while shooting or even later, at the editing stage.

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