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Okin cznupolowsky

DE 2018

3 min – Super8 auf HD – silent

B+K: Okin Cznupolowsky

Tuesday 16 oct 8.30 pm werkstattkino

Excerpt from the cycle OKIN CZUNPOLOWSKY'S PLAYGROUND. Experimental documentary film that refers to a vacancy: the title-giving MarLene Fuchs. Rather featuring: the artist, a coffee machine. As if it could be a substitute.  

Okin Cznupolowsky
  born 1985 in Munich. Artist, caricaturist, cineast and filmmaker. Diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich, class Markus Oehlen 2017.

   Okin Cznupolowsky’s Playground 2014 (9. UX) – Okin Cznupolowsky's Lullaby 2015 Okin Cznupolowsky´s Playground II 2018