Black mother



Khalik Allah

US/JM 2018

75 min – HD – Englisch

K+S: Khalik Allah – T+M: 4th Disciple, Josh Furey, Khalik Allah – P: Khalik Allah, Leah Giblin – V:  Khalik Allah

saturday 13 oct 10.30 pm werkstattkino

BLACK MOTHER is an audio-visual poem full of hard contrasts, glances, gestures, and the sound of the ubiquitous “patois”, but also elevated by unexpected moments of beauty. In it, Allah pays tribute to the daily struggle for survival on the tropical island, to the prostitutes, the homeless, the disfigured, the all-pervasive poverty, as well as to the exuberant vitality and deep spirituality.

The film avoids the typical cliché traps of so many social reportages about marginalization and poverty. In this regard, the polyphone soundtrack which composes a rhythmic collage of great musicality, is particularly important. (DokuArts)

Khalik Allah
   Self taught filmmaker and photographer. His profoundly personal work has been described as visceral, hauntingly beautiful, penetrative and honest. Khalik’s first book of photo-graphs, Souls Against the Concrete, was published by University of Texas Press in 2017. His eye for daring portraiture and bold aesthetics have distinguished him as a new visionary in the field.

  Black Mother 2018