Suitcase of Love and Shame


Jane Gillooly – USA 2013 – 70 Min. HDV – Englisch


R: Jane Gillooly – S: Jane Gillooly, Pam Larson – K: Beth Cloutier – Sound Material: Found Footage (gefunden von Albert Steg), div. Archive  – Sound Design: Rob Todd – P: Jane Gillooly, The Center for Independent Documentary

Deutsche Erstaufführung




Tender, erotic, and pathetic, this reconstructed narrative examines the obsession to chronicle the details of an adulterous affair. Suitcase of Love and Shame is a mesmerizing collage woven from 60 hours of reel-to-reel audiotape discovered in a suitcase purchased on eBay. Recorded in the 1960’s, a Mid-western woman and her lover become reliant on recording devises to document and memorialize their affair. The film suggestively foregrounds the tape recorder as the confidant, witness, and participant that the couple come to depend on — always omnipresent, the recorder creates a welcomed ménage-à-trois.



Jane Gillooly is a non-fiction and narrative film/video maker whose work is inspired and informed by a century of non-fiction filmmaking, silent and vintage cinema, and activism.

Films (selection): Leona’s Sister Gerri 1995 –  Theme: Murder 1998 – Dragonflies, The Baby Cries2000 – Today the Hawk Takes One Chick 2008