Norte, The End of History

Norte, hangganan ng kasaysayan



Lav Diaz – Philippinen 2013 – 250 Min.  – HD Video – Tagalog OmeU

D+E: Lav Diaz – Sc: Lav Diaz, Rody Vera – C: Lauro Rene Manda
With Archie Alemania, Angeli Bayani, Soliman Cruz, Miles Canapi u.a. – P+S: Wacky O Productions, Moira Lang (Raymond Lee)






Lav Diaz is one of those cult film-makers whose magnificent gestures and considerable influence are known only to his peers and a few enthusiastic amateurs. Lav Diaz has completely renewed the approach to cinema work by authorising duration to go way beyond the limits, a strict economy of means and such a particular approach to the art of story-telling in film as he directly brings face to face genre films and TV series, the history of filipino cinema and that of international cinema. In a drama that one could believe to be adapted from Dostoïevski, he majestically pursues his work, mixing his love of his country with his love of cinema and political intrigues. A must. – Jean-Pierre Rehm


Article about the world premiere of NORTE in Cannes, Cinema-Scope

Lav Diaz, geb. 1958 in Cotabo / Philippinen. Lebt und arbeitet auf den Philippinen. In den frühen 90er Jahren ging Diaz in die USA und arbeitete dort als Journalist. Parallel dazu begann er als Drehbuchautor zu arbeiten und sein erstes opus magnum "Batang West Side“ zu drehen. Diaz gehört zu den philippinischen Independent-Regisseuren, die international durch ihre digitalen Filme über die philippinische "Seele" auf sich aufmerksam machen. Diaz spielt außerdem Gitarre bei der Filmemacher-Rockband „Brockas“.

Filme (Auswahl):  Batang West Side 2002 – Evolution of a Filipino Family (1. UX) 2004 –Heremias 2006 – Melancholia 2008 – Butterflies have no Memories 2009 (5. UX) – Norte, The End of the History 2013