Hab' so lang auf dich gewartet

Been waiting for you so long



Claudia Siefen – AT 2012 – 4 min. – HD-file

D+Sc+E: Claudia Siefen – SE: Hannes Starz – P: KGp kranzelbinder gabriele production, bm:ukk Innovative Film Austria






The moment of lifting an apron promises tension. In many cases, the protagonist is left alone and is waiting for something or someone. That can be danger or a threat, pleasure or tenderness. Within the context of the story, lifting an apron signifies that something important is about to happen afterwards. In only showing the act of lifting, the artist evokes a certain sense of flirtation while watching these simple gestures. These scenes are accompanied by the gut-wrenching sound composition of a jackhammer, an analog printer, heavy rain and a freewheel — some of them are doubled, and/or change speed for an easier analysis. The closer the better. – Claudia Siefen


Claudia Siefen, born in 1972 in Cologne, Germany. Publishes essays, interviews and film reviews.