Artist in Focus: Makino Takashi

Emaki / Light




Japan 2011 — 16 Min.
ohne Dialoge — HD

Zeichungen: Ishida Takashi, Schnitt und Abtastung: Makino Takashi Musik: Ishida Takashi, Makino Takashi — Preise: Grand Prix, Critics Award, 25FPS Festival 2011




„I made really strange film with Ishida Takashi. He painted ink and melting scratch directly on 16mm and 35mm film, and I made moving image from those films. I think, making this film is one of the most impressive experience for me. After making images, we play music, Ishida played piano (I didn‘t know he can play piano), and I played drums and noise (nobody knew I can play drums).“ — Makino Takashi


Takashi Ishida, painter and film maker, born in 1972 in Tokyo.