Experience in Material 52:DUBHOUSE



Suzuki Ryoji, Kei Shichiri – Japan 2012 – 15 Min. – 35mm 

R+B+P: Suzuki Ryoji, Kei Shichiri – K: Takahashi Tetsuya, Kei Shichiri – S: Kei Shichiri – M: Ikeda Takumi – V: Suzuki Ryoji






Mingling of two distinct visions: the architect as the instigator of darkness and the filmmaker as the bringer of light. The film has a dark part with drawings of the 11/3/2011 tsunami damage hidden in the emulsion, and a part in which the projector illuminates the darkness captured by architecture. – IFF Rotterdam


Suzuki Ryoji, born in 1944 in Japan. He studied architecture at the Waseda University in Tokyo. In 1973, he started an eclectic series called Experience in Material, a mix of film, architecture, books, photography and art.

Kei Shichiri, born in 1967 in Japan. He is a filmmaker and playwright, after being an assistent director for about 10 years.