Die Ankunft eines Zuges



Telemach Wiesinger – D 2011 – 3 Min. – 16 mm – no dialogues

D: Telemach Wiesinger – S: Andreas Gogol – P: Lichtbild Wiesinger







The Lumière brothers pointed their apparatus on the arrival of a train, and invented this way the art of movie-making. This event didn't loose any of its attraction until today.


Telemach Wiesinger, born in 1968 in Bielefeld, Germany. Studies of Visual Communication and Film in Kassel, Germany. Wiesinger teaches film at various international film schools.

Films (selection): Meer (mit Wolfgang Lehmann) 2004 – Der Klang des Meeres (mit Wolfgang Lehmann) 2004 – Die Ankunft eines Zuges 2011 – Motor 2011 – Europa 2012 – 10 2013