Peter Nestler | Ger 2007 | 25 min.

Format: Beta SP
Original language : German

Script: Peter Nestler
Camera: Rainer Komers
Editing: Dieter Reifarth
Sound: Peter Nestler

With Danièle Huillet, Jean-Marie Straub

Production: Dieter Reifarth (Strandfilm, Frankfurt/M.), Inge Classen (ZDF/3sat, Mainz)


Peter Nestler, who is very familiar with and befriended to the author/filmmaker couple Danièle Huillet (passed away in 2006) and Jean-Marie Straub, gives an introduction to the last work they wrote and directed together, "Quei loro Incontri". In Defence of Time he puts the film by Straub/Huillet into an artistic and biografical context, including the literal work of Cesare Pavese. The conversations with the filmmakers are complemented by photographs and extracts– among them an earlier Pavese adaptation by Straub/Huillet, "Dalla Nube alle Resistenza".


Peter Nestler, born in 1937 in Freiburg/Breisgau. He works as an actor in german cinema to finance his own films. Since 1961 he directs seven documentary films. In 1966 he emigrates to Sweden where he since works continually for the national television.

Films: Am Siel 1961/62 | Aufsätze 1963 | Mülheim/Ruhr 1964  Ödenwaldstetten 1964| Ein Arbeiterclub in Sheffield 1965 | Spanien! 1973 | Die Nordkalotte 1991 | Flucht 2000 | Die Verwandlung des guten Nachbarn 2002



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