TOUT REFLEURIT (All Blossoms Again)

fotoAurélien Gerbault | France 2006 | 78 min.

Format: BetaSP
Material: DV
Original language: French, Portuguese
Script: Aurélien Gerbault
Camera: Frédéric Serve s
Editing: Anne Souriau
Sound: Aurélien Gerbault

With Pedro Costa, Ventura José Tavarés Borgés u.a.

Production: Qualia Films, Paris



A cinematic portrait of the Portuguese director Pedro Costa at work.
Pedro Costa explains his working method, in which he, in a kind of open-air performance, plays back how he shot his films "Ossos" and "No quarto da Vanda" in the poor Lisbon district of Fontainhas. Costa's very own, radical working method and his relationship to the actors becomes clear through textual rehearsals, sound recording, and the long decision-making processes in the editing booth. Along with work on "Juventude em marcha", conversations with Costa and clips from earlier films also make up parts of “Tout refleurit”.
"Filmmaking is quite simple, in the morning you take the bus, go to the shooting location, sit down in a café, knock on the actors' doors, and you do it every day of the year." – Pedro Costa


Aurélien Gerbault, born in 1975 in Bourges, France. After studying art and film history, he turned to documentary film. The encounter with the Portuguese director Pedro Costa inspired him to make his first film "Tout refleurit".

Films: Tout refleurit 2006


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