PARDONNEZ-MOI (Forgive me)

fotoMaïwenn le Besco | F 2006 | 88 min.

Format: 35mm
Original language: French

Script: Maïwenn le Besco
Camera: Claire Mathon
Editing: Laure Gardette
Sound: Pierre-Yves Lavoué 
Music: Mairwais Ahmadzaï 

With Maïwenn, Pascal Gregory, Hélène de Fougerolles, Aurélien Recoing, Marie-France Pisier

Franςois Kraus, Denis Pineau-Valencienne (Les Films du Kiosque)


"In the genre documentary ego documents, the director/actress Maïwenn seeks with increasing vehemence the boundaries of a direct confrontation with reality. Pardonnez-moi starts with home movie material of the little Maïwenn as she looks into the camera. Later, the pregnant actress decides to make a documentary about her family. (…) At the epicentre of this cinematographic self-exploration is her difficult relationship with her violent father. Armed with the camera, she finally confronts him, in an uneasy and revealing climax, on his guilt and in doing so seeks the source of her greatest pain." - Sandra den Hamer, International Filmfestival Rotterdam


Maïwenn, born in 1976 in Les Lilas, France, started her career as an actress. When she was 12, she met the director Luc Besson. She acted in his films Léon and The Fifth Element and a large number of film and television series, such as recently in Le Courage d’Aimer by Claude Lelouch. She is the sister of the actress Isild le Besco, who directed Démi-tarif that can be seen at this years’ Underdox Film Festival as well. 

Films: I’m an Actress 2002 | Pardonnez-moi 2006


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