fotoPierre Creton & Vincent Barré | Frankreich 2005 | 30 min.

Format: MiniDV
Original language: English, French

Script: Pierre Creton, Vincent Barré
Camera: Pierre Creton, Vincent Barré
Editing: Pierre Creton, Vincent Barré
Sound: Pierre Creton, Vincent Barré

Atlante Productions

German Premiere


The first co-directed film by Creton and Barré is a cinematographic dyptich: “Détour” contradicts to the classical postcard collection. The film shows in a series of shots an undistinctive landscape, variations of hills and meadows of the Shetland island in which the picturesque is ever absent. The second part, the roadmovie “Jovan from Foula”, accompanies the young punk Jovan while travelling the Isle of Foula. An essay on searching and vanishing in life.

Pierre Creton, born in 1966, works and lives as filmmaker, sculptor and milk inspector in Vattetot-sur-Mer. He studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Paris.

Vincent Barré, born in 1948, lives and works in Paris and in Loiret as sculptor. He studied architecture in Paris and Philadelphia and travelled Europe, the United States and Asia. Since 1986 he teaches sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Paris. 

Films (P. Creton): Une saison, La tournée, La vie après la mort  (Kurzfilme) 2002 | Secteur 545 2004 | Le voyage à  Vézelay  2005

Films together: Détour suivi de Jovan from Foula 2005 | L’Arc d’Iris – Souvenir d’un jardin 2006



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