Ulu Braun

born in 1976 in Schongau. Lives and works in Berlin and Finland. 1996-2005 studied painting and film in Vienna, Helsinki and Potsdam.
Since 1997 production of videos, films and video installations in the field of tension between video collage and auteur film, which were shown in exhibition as well as film context. Member of various art collectives.

Glittering Barbieblood

© Ulu Braun | Das Glitzern im Barbieblut

2021 | Video | 27 min | Single-Channel
Sc+E+P: Ulu Braun

A young mother and her daughters under a bridge. The camera scans the surroundings and follows them around the world. We dive into an imaginative journey about sensory perceptions, self-discovery and social structures. A rebellious „painting by numbers“ under the radar of symbols: From the father (a Mercedes dealer) to the Barbie horse to the ruins of the world‘s largest car factory in Detroit.

Exhibitions / Screenings (selection) Berlinale, 2021 | Die Zerschwörung, Krupic Kersting Gallery, Köln, 2020 | Prospective Cinema, Centre Pompidou, 2016 | Welcome to the Jungle, KW Berlin, 2015 | VIDEODOX 2019 | Munich Unique, Goethe-Institut Paris 2020

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