Sara Mayoral Jimenez

Born in Madrid in 1993. Studied Fine Arts and Master of Business Administration in Madrid. Since 2017 studies at the Academy of Fine Arts. She lives and works in Munich and Madrid.

100 ways to be inside of a rectangle [VIDEODOX version]

© Sara Mayoral Jimenez | 100 ways to be inside of a rectangle

2021 | Performance | Video
Concept+performance: Sara Mayoral Jimenez

The performance, always adapting to the new contexts of the exhibition, searches for 100 ways of being within the camera’s framing, while the performance becomes visible on the transmission monitor as a complete work of art. Both,the performance and its image in the video, thus emerge in the localization of the artistic self directly in the medial space of the filmed image.

Exhibitions Space Nouvelle, Innsbruck 2019 | Berlin Art Week 2019 | Galerie Foe München 2019 | Gärtner Stiftung, München 2020

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