Paul Valentin

Born 1990 in Munich. Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. Lives and works in Munich. 2019 winner of the Karl&Faber Prize. Since 2021 member of the artist association at Haus der Kunst.

Sleepy Ride to the Airport

© Paul Valentin | Sleepy Ride to the Airport

2020 | 15 min

The short film was inspired by a nighttime cab ride to Athens airport. A car ride, as French speed theorist Paul Virilio writes in his book “Driving Driving Driving…”, is a cinematic experience for a passenger. The windshield is the screen, and the gear engaged affects the speed of the images. A drive at night becomes a film, the car an abstract object.

Exhibitions Maximilansforum, München | Kunstverein, München | Karl&Faber, München, Exchange Rates, New York City | Sluice Biennale, London | Teufelsberg, Berlin | Haus der Kunst, München

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