Patricia Lincke

Born 1963, attended the Merz Academy and graduated as a graphic designer from the Johannes Gutenberg School, Stuttgart. Since 2001, conceptual examination of the German state of mind. Member of Gedok Munich, studio at Platform Munich.

Brustbild 4.0

© Patricia Lincke | Brustbild 4.0

2020 | Animation on smartphone | 20 sec loop

Loved, desired, giving pleasure and life, creating identity or simply obscene – hardly any other part of the body is ascribed as many contradictory attributes as the female breast. In “Brustbild 4.0” I show the constant manipulation of women’s most feminine feature. Retouching apps and image programs on the smartphone allow quick access to one’s own perfection for the next selfie. In digital collage technique, wrinkled skin playfully morphs into multifaceted associations.

Exhibitions FTM2023 RESTART Timișoara, Rumänien | Stadtgalerie Sonthofen 2021 | Mark Rothko Art Center, Daugavpils, Lettland 2022

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