Melina Hennicker, Michael Schmidt, Andreas Wollner

Collaboration since 2015. Their joint works are interpretation of a peripheral place where lived and worked.


© Melina Hennicker, Michael Schmidt, Andreas Wollner | kirchmoarhof-d

2020-21 | interactive Installation

“kirchmoarhof-d” is a space made of 68 links. For several years we worked in a historical farm, shot videos and built objects. “kirchmoarhof-d” is a translation of this historical farm into a website-based environment. The visitor navigates independently through rooms generated from links, which were created with the help of photos, videos and 3D animations. The digital structure “kirchmoarhof-d” works the medium website as a narrative form against the grain. In particular, it attempts to understand the interconnectedness through links as space and to merge it with the spatial facts of the courtyard.

Joint work Stabil und Schön 2015 | BAU 2016–2019 | Kirchmoarhof 2017–2020 | kirchmoarhof-d 2020–2021

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