The Filmkollektiv are Dominik Bais (1992), Vincent Hannwacker (1997), Marie Jaksch (1987), Mara Pollak (1986) and Julian Rabus (*1991) from the class of film and video artist Julian Rosefeldt at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich.


© Filmkollektiv | Musarion

2020 | 29 min
R+B: collective of artists of the Academy for Fine Arts, Munich

today’s time. Phanias has retreated from Athens to the countryside to leave his old life behind. But one day he meets his former girlfriend Musarion, who wants to bring him back to his senses. The art film is about the struggle for an enlightened form of love that can conquer philosophical and political fanaticism. MUSARION is a film by five young artists and combines elements of the original text, opera, theater, video art and narrative film.

The film project is the first official film production of the Academy of Fine Arts Munich, in which structures for a possible film location between art and film were set at the AdBK.

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