Fabio Thieme

Film director and video artist. He has lived and studied in London, Rome and Berlin. 2018 Founded Serkalo Filmproduktion in Berlin. In his work he explores the themes of pretense, imitation and forgery as an act of creation.


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2021 | 12 min | German Generations Award 2021
B: Fabio Thieme | DOP: Polina Georgescu | E: Famil Aghayev, Fabio Thieme | S: Yannick Pernot | Szenenbild: Anat Homm | P: Serkalo Filmproduktion | With Ikku Masuda

An employee fakes the life of his clients in an apartment for tax reasons. What constitutes a life and can man be recreated by imitation?

Films Sechs Gedecke aufgetischt 2018 | Intersection 2019 | Demetrius 2019 | Salon Gloria 2021

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