© Mareike Wegener

Mareike Wegener

DE 2020
29 min | HD | German
DOP+S: Johannes Klais, Hannes Lang | E: Mareike Wegener | P+Sales: PETROLIO | With Dieter Becker, Eckhard Wegener

friday 8 oct 5.00 pm werkstattkino | long shorts 1: mavericks | guest: Mareike Wegener

X is a cinematic ritual aimed at appeasing the ancestral spirits of the industrial workforce. The film is a reimagination of the crossroad myth and inspired by the lives of the filmmaker’s father and grandfather, who also play the lead roles.

Mareike Wegener born 1983 in Borken, North Rhine-Westphalia. The writer, director and producer has been making films since 2005; in 2012 she founded the Cologne production cooperative PETROLIO together with Hannes Lang and Carmen Losmann. She is co-author of all films by Hannes Lang and producer of OECONOMIA.

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