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Thomas Ash

JP 2021 | Asian Perspective Award, DMZ Docs Film Festival, South Korea 2021
87 min | HD | Japanese, English
DEP+E+P+Sales: Thomas Ash

monday 11 oct 17.00 werkstattkino

The Ushiku deportation prison near Tokyo mainly holds people seeking refuge in Japan. Using a hidden camera, award-winning filmmaker Thomas Ash interviewed inmates there from late 2019. His film publicly accuses Japan’s uncompromising refugee policy through one of the country’s biggest human rights scandals. Ushiku has been making international headlines for years. (Nippon Connection)

Thomas Ash b. 1975, USA. MA in Film and Television Production at the University of Bristol, UK. He has been living in Japan for 20 years.

Films (selection) In the Grey Zone 2012 | A2-B-C 2013 | Dying at Home 2016 | Suturing Cultures 2017 | Boys for Sale 2017 | Sending Off 2019 | Ushiku 2021

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